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How to Find a Contractor`s License Number in Wa

If your business is doing business in Washington that changes real estate, you`ll likely need to get a license from a Washington contractor. It`s important to jump through these hoops: you could be charged $1,000 for an initial offense and your construction site could be closed if you do contract work without a permit. If you decide to skip a few steps and run a business without the required license, registration or insurance, you risk being fined and arrested. Disclosure to clients An example of a statement that you must provide to your clients for any residential work totalling $1,000 or more. You`ll also need to include your contractor registration number in all your ads (including business cards, ads, and even estimates or suggestions you create for customers). Search for Washington State Department of Labor and Industry Professional Licenses Search the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Business and Contractor Database by name or license number. Washington State requires you to obtain a business license before performing contractor work. For corporate structures, you must register with the Secretary of State. All other business entities must complete a business license application through the Washington State Business Licensing Service website. If you use pesticides, contact the Washington State Department.

the Agriculture, Permitting and Recertification program at (877) 301-4555 or to ensure you comply with federal and state pesticide laws, or visit If you still have questions about a Washington contractor`s license that remain unanswered, visit the state`s labor and industries website. After receiving your license or registration from Washington State, you will be listed in the database of contractors that potential customers can use. When you complete the application, you will receive a uniform company identification number. Go to the state`s business licensing service here to get started. The cost ranges from $15 to $20. While registering as a general or specialized contractor does not require you to take and pass an exam, other professions such as electrical work will. To better understand whether you need to hold a license or registration, whether you need to take exams, and other specific occupation requirements, visit the Washington State Department of Licensing and Registration page. Renewal You have your license for 2 years, then renew it every 2 years.

You will not receive a reminder unless you have a registered agent on top for you. Getting the license from your Washington contractor doesn`t initially mean the job is done. You must keep your general contractor`s registration up to date by renewing it every year. If no information about your business has changed, including your deposit or insurance, you can simply renew it online or by email. Any changes to your business or coverage must be documented and the renewal fee is $117.90. Business licenses ensure that state contractors are well informed and reputable. The license requires the successful completion of an exam and sometimes has standards of experience. If you plan to have employees, you will need to purchase your IRS Employer Identification Number.

At this point, you can start filling out your application for business registration. Proof of bond and liability insurance must be included with your registration fee when you submit your application to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Walk it in Walking Your Application is the easiest way to submit the application, as your local labor and industry office can notarize your signature directly for you. If everything is in order, you will receive a temporary registration number that you can use immediately. Below is a link to find the nearest Labor & Industries office. You can pay the $113.40 fee by credit card, cheque or money order. Online filing is not available. However, once you have your contractor`s license, you can renew it online. A Washington contractor`s license doesn`t require you to take a test, but the process can test your patience. Your patience isn`t necessary for actual paperwork, but waiting for insurance agents and slow bureaucrats can push you to your limits.

For this reason, we recommend that you start the process as soon as possible. Below you will find step by step how to get a license from a Washington contractor to get insurance from a licensed insurance agent. Your policy must be written for at least the following: You need coverage for $200,000 in liability and $50,000 in property damage, or a combined individual limit of $250,000. Simply Business is here to help you find a font that works for you and your business. .

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